risks from smokingThose who do not smoke and never have, are at a significant lower rate of being diagnosed with any disease that is associated with smoking. Diseases such as heart disease or lung cancer. They also are more likely to have more cash flow because they don’t have that habit to fund. Their auto, health, and home insurance premiums are less, another money saver.

For a smoker, your life can change in so many ways if and when you quit smoking. After hearing and reading about all the health issues that are related to smoking, why wouldn’t you want to quit? And with all the different methods and products that are available today, why would a smoker try to quit cold turkey? Well, there are several reasons to consider natural ways to quit smoking:

The drugs on the market that were designed to help people quit smoking drugs have been known to have side effects, such as Chantix. Available by prescription only, this medication is prescribed for 12 weeks and has successfully helped many to quit smoking.

However, it has side effects that most people dread, such as abnormal dreams, headaches, insomnia, and nausea. It also has been known to affect taste buds can cause constipation, flatulence, and vomiting.

The FDA Announcement

In 2007, it was announced by the FDA via marketing reports, that some patients prescribed Chantix experienced erratic behavior and suicidal behavior. By early February 2009, approximately 800 complaints had been filed with Health Canada regarding the side effects of this drug such as depression, mood swings, and suicidal thoughts.

Its Mind Over Matter Attitude

It has come to the belief of many experts that nicotine replacements simply prolong a smoker’s addiction. A former 30-year smoker, Allen Carr, stated that the entire time he was a smoker, it was a constant withdrawal experience which was why he lit up cigarette after cigarette. It is his opinion that taking a drug that has the habit-forming ingredient of nicotine, it won’t stop the cravings. He expressed to anyone and everyone that a person needs an attitude change to quit.

An attitude change is much less expensive in comparison to buying any of the different quit smoking drugs or nicotine replacements. Popular methods that have been used successfully are acupuncture, cold turkey, hypnosis, lung detox, and programs that are designed to help smokers stop. Any former smoker that has used any of these natural methods high praise because the sooner you can cut out the nicotine intake, the less likely you’ll be to experience the side effects the drugs can generate.

Regardless how long a person has smoked, a natural way of quitting is possible. When it comes down to it, it is mind over matter, aka, your attitude.  The key thing is to keep positive and keep a focus on the changes in your life that are soon to come. Your auto, clothes, home, and most of all yourself, won’t have that disgusting smell anymore. You’ll have more money for things you enjoy. And the biggest perk of all, you’ll lessen your chances of being diagnosed with one of the diseases associated with smoking.